A Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

First time patients receive a 10% discount!!!

Welcome to MedCan Delivery. We serve King and Snohomish counties. Please click the bar below to select your county, you will then be directed to the correct website to place your order. Thank you!



Our goal at MedCan Delivery is to provide the best, most professional patient experience in the industry. If you have any questions or problems logging onto our website, please let us know. For King County call 206-728-7711 or Snohomish County call 206-321-9496. Thanks, we look forward to working with you.

Patient Reviews:

"This is a genuine, caring first class delivery service and I assure you, MedCan Delivery will not disappoint".

"This is not your average delivery service. From the second you place your order, you know you've found something special. Professional and discreet is an understatement".

"The people at MedCan Delivery are totally awesome, friendly, courteous and deliver in a very timely and prompt manner. I would definitely give them 11 stars out of 10".

"No jars, no mess and no odor. All your medication is labeled and packaged neatly into vacuum sealed vials with a MedCan receipt attached".

"MedCan Delivery makes sure you're happy with the products, and their trim jobs are the best. Forget the other delivery services, they just can't give you the service or products that MedCan can".
MedCan Delivery is an organized, not-for-profit Co-Op of qualified patients in Washington State operating within strict compliance of RCW 69.51A.