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Alexk13 says:
"MedCan never fails to deliver a great selection of bud that is fresh, top shelf as well as meticulously trimmed and vacuum packaged. I am very pleased with the service that is provided!!"

Noisyturtle says:
"MedCan is only one of two places I will order from after trying nearly every dispensary in the county. The staff is friendly, quite knowledgeable, and the buds are all top notch. But what really sets MedCan apart from everyone else is their professionalism. Their buds are finely manicured and cured, and delivered in jars hermetically sealed in bags and then sealed in an envelope. There is zero smell and zero indication of what is being delivered to any prying eyes or noses. Clean, neat, and courteous. MedCan rocks!"

Djshiftd says:
"Friendly and helpful staff, best buds, best concentrates, best selection and best sneakers - My favorite dispensary.

TJ Franklin says:
"So far, the service is prompt, the meds are good, why go anywhere else? I'm glad I checked them out first, and lucked out with a great delivery service."

StreetLegal says:
"MedCan was very helpful to me when I needed help. Polite, almost fastidious service. The medication meticulously groomed. This is something we have to fight to keep."

Mdubcia says:
"I sometimes check out what other dispensaries have, since they are close and dollars are important. Their stuff is more expensive by a considerable amount, plus I feel obligated to leave a tip, depending on how much time I've taken. Jeff doesn't accept tips. I've been a client of his for quite a while and he's prompt, knowledgeable and not a fly by night, if you will. I was leery of using a delivery service but I bit the bullet and totally lucked out. He has never disappointed me. He's also very friendly and trustworthy."

Papaloco says:

"Probably one the best batches I have ever had! Jeff is hands down the best delivery service around...nough said, everyone else can close shop....Medcan is taking over!"

Bth_7 says:
"Just the 'name' of this med, is enough to send you on a mad munchie run (buy extra). I ordered the Chocolope in the AM, had it delivered within 70 (supersonic Jeff) minutes, and WOOOO WEEEEEEE, CHOCO HEAVEN! Not only is THIS the best tasting medicine 'I've personally' ever had, but the effects are pretty darn awesome too, a dreamy and very very pleasant effect....with a surprise (but nice) kick! Nice one Jeff! Again, a continued aim to please, with superb meds and service from Medcan."

Shizzle says:
"Easiest the best delivery service I've used (and there's been a few) Placed an order Friday and before i knew it, Medcan was at my door with an order that was made simple. Tried the ALASKAN THUNDER F--. Wow, This strain was by far the BEST BUD I've EVER had, and hit the spot within minutes. A rocking company, simple as that!"

Yourstruly125 says:

"Medcan is an excellent delivery service and Jeff (owner/operator) is wonderful. He's very kind and caring of his patients. Jeff wants to make sure you're happy with your product and his trim jobs are the best! Forget the other delivery services, they just can't give you the service and product that Medcan can!!"

Jerk425 says:
"Well trained procured of quality meds... Truly a star for those of us who need it."

RedPenny says:
"This is 'not' your average delivery service. From the second you place your order you know you've found something special. Professional and 'discreet' (understatement). Informative web site, with pictures and prices, and also the benefits of each strain. Especially helpful when choosing a medicine that's right for your needs. No jars, no mess and no odors, All your meds are labelled and packaged neatly into vacuumsealed bags with a Medcan receipt attached (i really like that). With flexible delivery service (even in your lunch hour) i would urge anyone who's looking, to try Medcan. This is a genuine/caring Top Class delivery service, and I assure you Medcan Delivery will 'not' disappoint'. Jeff @ Medcan makes ordering, a pleasant and hassle free experience each and every time! FIVE STAR PLUS AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Meefer says:

"And I'm not even talking about the lower prices because this is the first time I've accessed the site for a while. I love how Jeff is knowledgeable and patiently answers questions because he want to provide not only great customer service, but wants his patients to get the strains that fit their needs. He's very friendly when he delivers and prompt."

Bth_7 says:
"I considered myself more than just lucky when i discovered and became a patient of MEDCAN delivery! A completely different and unique experience from the others, NO disappointment here. Superb quality, low priced medicine, discreetly packed and delivered right to your front door. Jeffs knowledge of strains is particularly helpful, especially when trying a different medicine that's right for you. Friendly, polite, and professional, with outstanding customer service, i wouldn't consider going anywhere else! Strongly recommended!"

Jamie42 says:
"I am new to the medical marijuana world, and am very grateful to MedCan for helping me feel comfortable and safe. This is a very professional company with excellent customer service and a great variety of quality products. For anyone nervous to try home delivery I can say that I was exceedingly happy with my experience so far and looking forward to trying more of what MedCan has to offer. Highly recommended!"

JessiCoombs says:
"I'm a mother of two (my youngest six months) and am a medical marijuana user and recently got into an accident and while recovering from that, being a mother and wife and friend...People such as Jeff who provide the convenience of delivery to people like me (disabled and motor less :) with the medications we so very much need. The people at MEDCAN delivery are totally awesome, friendly, courteous and deliver in a very timely and prompt manner. I definitely give them an 11 stars out of 5 :) I looked them up and within an hour & 1/2 after doing so, I received my medications. :)"

Medical_user says:
"I sprained my ankle doing goblet squats and was in some need of some serious pain killer. I tried this weedmaps thing, was annoyed by all the stupid stoner pop ups--- trying to get me to go here and to their friends shop.... blah (not a fan of commercials---it's tacky) After all---this is for MEDICINAL purposes... Moving forward, I saw MedCan, looked simple, prices were a bit static... regardless I ordered from the easy to navigate site. I received a receipt immediately---exceptional---within the hour Jeff arrived looking business casual (great sneaks) and after a brief professional transaction I had my perfectly package and weighed, clearly marked meds. Trying them, well, I tried the Strawberry cough and I am set for the night, less than a gram for a VERY EXPERIENCED user is a dream come true. Jeff has the eye for quality medication. I highly recommend him; as well as primarily use him."

Jerk425 says:
"Oh man, I'm saying this to all of the regulars...He's so prompt, so professional, and represents such a fine product..I felt that even though I've given him good reviews before---I should give him another...  Great job Jeff! Thank you!"

JasonP says:
"I've been looking to expand my strain knowledge, and Jeff recommended I try one of his most popular indicas called God's Gift. I'm usually a sativa guy since I like to stay active while smoking, but I have to say I've been enjoying this bag quite a lot. God's Gift has a great combination of a nice mellow body high and cerebral euphoria. Definitely great to loosen up your sore muscles and quiet your mind after a long day. I found it to be very effective in opening up creative energy, as well as putting you in an all around good mood. I also appreciated that it isn't a total couch lock. It tastes delicious as well, with a bit of an exotic flavor. I recommend pairing it with a nice single malt scotch :)"

Jerk425 says:
"Reluctantly… I tried a delivery service on a Friday afternoon as a back up plan. Turned out Jeff showed up prompt and was absolutely professional. The beginning of something so wonderful but seriously reliable, prompt, fair-priced, and QUALITY based. Something the people who frown on legalization should understand. Jeff makes getting your meds as simple as that. His knowledgeable suggestions are always welcomed when working in pain; as a shaman of relief that he is... Jolly good show on that Afgooey! I highly suggest MEDCAN."

JasonP says:
"I've been struggling with a chronic (no pun intended) migraine condition for the past few years, and Jeff at MedCan has really helped me out. I told him that I wanted something to help with the headaches, but also give me an active high so I could be energized and productive. His knowledge of strains is excellent, and he helped me end my search for the perfect bud. Jeff helped me more than all the doctors I've seen in the last two years! Can't stress enough how much I appreciate the excellent service. Highly recommended."

GrantA says:

"MedCan has the best tasting herbs I've found, and I've looked a lot. Each one has unique and favorable qualities. Try the different sativa strands, no other dispensary can compete! Ask them to recommend a choice for you, and they'll pick out the perfect buds. I was surprised at first when everything showed up so fast. I'm used to it now and have been loyal to MedCan ever since. I'm usually pretty busy during the week but Medcan is always working with me and my schedule. The quality is just as perfect, giving me the most potent and satisfying smoke I've had anywhere! There are a lot of dispensaries I could go to, but none are as no-hassle and no-pressure as MedCan. Thanks so much!"

EliottH says:
"If you need the best medicine quickly and with the most reliable delivery, MedCan Delivery is the only service you'll use. I've been exclusively depending on MedCan for over a year now and it still amazes me how fast I receive my order. The service is always friendly and enthusiastic. I look forward to every visit from MedCan because they deliver with the same confidence and personality that I enjoy ordering with. I love that they're open almost every day so they're ready to bring my medicine anytime. The quality of the cannibus is cleaner, tastier, and more effective than any others in my County. The variety is outstanding with different strains to accommodate any specific need. I promise, if you call MedCan Delivery one time, you'll never want to take a chance on anybody else."

JasonP says:
"There are two reasons MedCan is awesome, the product and the service. First of all, Jeff was right on time with my delivery, which was greatly appreciated since I was suffering from a blinding migraine. He was courteous, professional, and made me feel comfortable. His product is delivered in a vacuum sealed bag that completely eliminates odor. The product was fantastic, and knocked out my headache right away. I've just relocated, so I'm new to the area, this was the best product I've had since I moved. I can't wait to try out everything else MedCan has to offer!"

Rd says:
"It's always a pleasure to just say how I'm feeling, Jeff seems to know exactly what I need and brings it to me promptly. I start feeling better as soon as I hear his voice."

Rd says:
"I feel very lucky to have a relationship with MedCan Delivery. The company is exactly what the ads say, professional, prompt and discreet. All the meds are top shelf, I love the way they are packaged and vacuum sealed, I can even get delivery on my lunch break and nobody knows. Thank you Jeff, you are a trusted person in my life."

420Rx says:

"Best medicine I've ever had, much better than the storefront Dispensaries. MedCan has high quality bud, and edibles that knocked me onto my couch. I have yet to try MedCan concentrates. Delivery is quick and as planned. Jeff the owner is very passionate and polite. Flat rate prices that include delivery are convenient and easy. Their website makes choosing and ordering medicine a breeze. Save gas and get delivery, avoid the awkwardness of the dispensary, Try MedCan Delivery. Would recommend to anyone looking for quality medicine in the area."

Melissaott says:
"If you are looking for the most professional service, the highest quality product at the best price; then look no further than Medan Delivery. Jeff, the owner, is the friendliest person you'll ever meet and helps cheer your day. He is always very prompt and the product is packaged professionally. The website is extremely user friendly and there is always a wide selection. It is so awesome to be feeling better, and I have Jeff and Medcan to thank. And...do I need to even bring up how great it is to have delivery? It is a huge plus, am surprised he doesn't charge for it. I'm not one for going to the stores, I'm shy. Pass the word....this man and his business are THE BEST!!!! 

LadyBabblOn says:
"MedCan tops 'em all! Why... waste the gas, money, time, add to pollution, and still not be assured of excellent quality or finding a reputable, professional, personable, efficient, considerate, and highly economical option?! I repeat... MEDCAN TOPS 'EM ALL!!"

Indigo7 says:
"I have been a medical cannabis patient and user for over 40 years. I have worked in various dispensaries from California, Seattle, even Amsterdam. When I stumbled onto MedCan, I was very curious because I had become so disappointed in other dispensaries and delivery services that were charging me $25.00/delivery and bringing me medicine in street dime bad plastic containers when I was buying big quantities. I have paid for memberships and been promised things and still I received poor meds and fake hash and gross cookies. MedCan is a step above all the rest. Great service, great medicine with pics and descriptions on their site with info about the benefits of each strain. Very informative and a very easy format to follow online with benefits from the start! I am so pleased with their services and the quality of the medicine that I have received. I will continue to call them because thus far, there is no one in my area that can top them!. Hats off to MedCan! Great establishment! I am very appreciative! Thank you Jeff!"

Ryankay says:
"I'm so grateful for MedCan Delivery because they sincerely want happiness and satisfaction for their patients. They're extremely pleasant to talk to and you can always count on a quick trip. Delivery really has never been this simple for me before. I live in the downtown area and it's so great to have a reliable source for my medication that is only one stress-free phone call away. I'm always impressed with everything they offer, and it's equally affordable. Try out MedCan Delivery's edibles or concentrates, they're fantastic and everything comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I like that there are price breaks on the amounts I usually call for. They're always friendly about answering my questions and truly want me to have the correct medicine for me. I recommend MedCan Delivery to all County residents who have had any difficulty receiving their medication in the past."

Tylervv says:
"Have ordered several times from MedCan, their website with online ordering makes it a breeze. Affordable prices on all their products especially when you consider the fast delivery. Jeff, the owner is always prompt and polite. The quality of the medicine is always top notch. If you're looking to get crystal coated nugs that you can smell from across the street, place an order with MedCan, you'll get it quicker than a trip to the dispensary and at a competitive price."
MedCan Delivery is an organized, not-for-profit Co-Op serving qualified patients and operating within strict compliance of medical marijuana laws.